Meet Our Staff

Bishop Davies Nursing Center is proud to staff and manage one of the area’s most highly regarded nursing homes. A primary reason for our excellent reputation in the community is the quality of people who care for our residents.

The people who work with us are exceptional for two reasons, the first if that we have handpicked a team of professionals who are not only competent in their work, but compassionate at heart and second, because we have created an environment where they are glad to come to work. This is evident in the staff members who have been working with us for 30+ years, or others who come out of retirement because they can’t stay away from their “work family,” or others still who visit residents on their day off from work.

We encourage you to learn more about our employees, these are the people who will have contact with your loved one during their stay at Bishop Davies Nursing Center, and these are the people who we are proud to call our staff:

(Click on a staff member's name to view their bio. )

Mr Al Sutton – Executive Director 

– David Johnson – Administrator

– Gloria Bacey – Nurse Consultant

Christine Aultman – Assistant Director of Nursing

– Denise Brookins – Regional Business Office Manager

– Dorothy Chambers – Food Services Managers

Robin Wells – Director of Human Resources

– Gleneast Ball – Environmental Service Supervisor

– Kaye Gomez-Hight – Director of Social Services

Father Kenneth MacKenzie – Chaplain

– Terry Brown – Maintenance Supervisor

– Candice Ramirez – Director of Nursing – Bishop Hospice 

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