David Johnson – Administrator

David Johnson

David Johnson

Mr. David Johnson started working in the field of long term care as a humble yet driven volunteer. He attained his Bachelor’s degree at Texas College in Tyler, Texas. However, as his passion for long term care and gerontology continued to thrive, he later obtained a certificate in Geriatrics from UT Southwestern. Mr. Johnson has been an administrator for more than thirteen years and he is currently the Administrator of Bishop Davies Nursing Center.

David Johnson is originally from Houston, TX and enjoys listening to music and golfing during his hours of leisure. It is no secret that golfing takes immense patience, diligence, and dedication in order to be successful. These same attributes are imperative to become a successful Nursing Home Administrator. 

It is undeniable that Mr. David Johnson embodies that same honorary level of patience, diligence, and dedication to successfully manage our facility and keep day to day operations running smoothly.

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